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Welcome to Australia Jobs in the Mines

This website was created so people could find out information regarding mining jobs in Australia. So people could answer the following questions:

  • Where about's are the mining jobs in Australia?
  • What are the jobs like?
  • What skills or qualifications are needed to get the jobs?
  • and how to get there?

This site concentrates in helping the unskilled people from Australia and other countries like New Zealand in finding out where the entry level mining jobs are in the lucrative mining and oil industry in Australia.

Price of Gold is at a record high...

In 2011 there are so many employment opportunities within the mining industry in Australia, this is shown by China and India’s growing demand for our resources. Look at the price of Gold, which has just hit over a record $1800 for spot price per ounce.
Companies are expanding, more money is being spent on exploration and new mines are given the green light each month.
This has a flow on effect as companies focused on providing services and products to the industry expand as well. Expanding means for us job seekers, hiring more people.
Strong demand for workers is Australia wide in the mining industry. Areas like Gladstone, Bowen Basin, Mount Isa, Cobar Nsw, South Australia, Tasmania, Kalgoorlie, Port Hedland, Karratha, Mackay, NT and Broome. Just to name a few.

People already in the industry, chase the money too..

People already in the industry, chase the money too, and they move to area’s more remote and where greater responsibilities are needed. Due to the lack of resources in the location. Or move from service provider to an actual mining company.
This shift of the experience mine workers provides an opening for a greenie, newcomers, greenskin, cleanskin, offsiders, assistants, unskilled , entry level worker or whatever you may call it, a chance to enter the industry.

The above flow is what you need to understand re; experienced people sent to remote locations.
Overall, it is a risk to hire people who have no experience. A preventable risk.

Common saying by BHP. “Take Time, Take Charge”.
And another one is “Safety first, production second”

The whole Mining industry is about safety..

The whole industry is about safety, mine managers can get sued personally for preventable deaths and service companies can lose huge multi-million dollar projects if they start having a consistent bad safety record with their employees.
Mining Companies want to associate with safety focused service providers.

I Hope you are starting to follow.

Relevant Experience

That is the reason, I recommend to get “relevant experience” like farming, heavy civil on your resume.
For Example. You want to drive the dumpies right? So if you want to drive them in the mines, why not go down the road and drive them for the heavy civil contractor = Relevant Experience.
Get 3 months and move onto the mines.
Don’t feel bad, about the civil contractor. It’s life. Also, rather you get a dumpie job later on than some immigrant taking the role.

Easier to get your first job with a mining services company.

Thirdly, I just want to go over it in case you missed it but the point is that it’s easier to get your first job with a service provider within the mining industry.
Such categories for mining service companies:

  • Cleaning
  • Catering
  • Drilling
  • Explosives
  • Earth Moving
  • Crushers
  • Laboratories

Take Action

Now, check places like seek.com.au, mining jobs and wjobs.com.au for job adverts in these categories. Even, use the online yellowpages directory to find suitable contractors in mining towns close to you.

Check job adverts for what you actually NEED before spending money on training etc.
Normal requirements in WA are-

  • Marcsta
  • Senior First Aid Certificate
  • National Police Clearance
  • HR Drivers Licence

Again, just a general list. Check job adverts of interested jobs first, and see what’s normally required and go from there. Make sure you have a good resume that is representing yourself, if not consider using a professional resume service as it's well worth the investment.

So to conclude:

1. Get relevant experience, e.g. Heavy Civil Contractors near you.

2. Get tickets and licences. E.g. HR licence, check job adverts before to see what is normally required.

3. Seek mining service companies for your first job. Find them and apply for the most entry level job they have, and that is suitable for you.

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